“Healthcare innovation always take much more time and capital than anyone ever imagines; however, can have surprisingly long term impact and enduring value.”

-Jim Tananbaum, CEO, Forsite Capital


Jim Tananbaum Headshot

Jim Tananbaum is founder and CEO of Foresite Capital, a healthcare dedicated private equity firm that specializes in identifying emerging healthcare leaders which it helps grow to profitability by supplying capital, networks and information. Foresite’s current largest investment is Intarcia, a twice a year type II diabetes implant which helps patients control their diabetes and lose weight. Jim believes Intarcia’s product has the potential to impact Diabetes like the IUD has impacted birth control globally. Diabetes and the obesity epidemic affects 350 million people globally. He believes this product could help millions of patients worldwide. It should launch in the US at the end of 2017.

Foresite has also invested in Aeri Pharmaceuticals, which is bringing to market a once daily glaucoma treatment. Glaucoma affects 40 million people worldwide and is one of the largest causes of blindness. Foresite has also led a number of investments in sequencing and synthetic biology, backing emerging leader 10X, Nanostring and Sequenta. Although Foresite Capital received its first institutional capital in 2013, Foresite has sponsored many emerging diverse healthcare leaders in pharmaceuticals (Intarcia, Aeri, Alder, Aimmune), gene sequencing (10X, Nanostring, Sequenta), synthetic biology (Muse Bio, Intellia, Editas), data science (MindStrong, HealthVerity), and healthcare delivery.

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